Find the key, escape game

Find the key, escape game



Get your friends, work colleagues or family and let's have the best time together in Downtown Montreal.

"Escape Room" game concept has been around for a while in the electronic gaming world, but only lately the Real Life version of it began to have huge popularity across the globe.

The idea is simple: You and your friends find yourselves locked in a room. The goal of the game is to Find The Key that will set you free. You have to use logic, and the environment around you to find clues, codes, and hidden objects. This is where your detective skills have to come into play.

Problem solving and brainstorming skills will get you closer and closer to the final objective.

It's not easy. You will have to work together with your team mates against the clock. Only a few managed to find the key and escape the room, but regardless of the outcome, we guarantee the best time you could have. Intense, entertaining, rewarding.

Phone : (438) 870-9410 Tags : teenagers (13-17), jeux, loisir, adventure

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Super ! J'@dores l'endroit et le staff est fantastique