Ponton Joseph costumes

Ponton Joseph costumes

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This is a hugeee costume shop, about 2-3 floors full of costumes! They seem like the biggest costume shop in Montreal actually. They have such a variety of pieces such as from WWII, 1800s, the future etc. You can see many accessories, clothing, and they sell makeup as well. Anything costume-related they have! It's rental only and you have to follow the same procedure as when you rent anything. You fill out a form, pay the deposit etc. I rented a bunch of beards for my school project and they were specific kinds of beards...they had it all! It was the perfect kind. Expect to spend a long time there because they just have so much stuff! It's an old, vintagey building but they have a lot to offer as a costume shop. Prices are moderate I'd say depending on what you'd like to rent. The more elaborate the piece or how large it is, the more expensive it will be. Service was not bad either. If you're looking for a place to get a Halloween costume, try Joseph Ponton.

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