Échappe-Toi, immersive adventure

Échappe-Toi, immersive adventure



You are locked up with your team for 1 hour.
Will you be strong-minded enough to get out?
Echappe-Toi is a unique immersive gaming experience in Montreal!
All the rooms are bilingual (English and French).

During the game, members assign roles and responsibilities and use teamwork to solve problems in a stimulating and fun environment. The only objective: succeed in escaping!
Communication, cleverness, analytical thinking and observation are the keys to an exceptional experience!

At first glance, nothing seems to make sense, but after a moment of observation, you discover a series of codes and puzzles which, if solved in time, will allow you escape. All codes and puzzles are proposed both in English and French in all the rooms.

To date, more than 30,000 players and several hundred each week have played the Immersive Adventures of Echappe-Toi Montreal!
Only 3% of participants have found their freedom in time. Do you have what it takes to escape?

Phone : (514) 907-2200 Tags : teenagers (13-17), escape game, jeunesse, famille

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